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LED lighting a new era

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According to energy saving carbon reduction, countries from 2009 began arriving to stop production, disable, incandescent bulb, lit 120 years of traditional light bulb, will soon blow "turn out the lights" number, and declared the LED lighting a new generation of coming.

According to the  RensselaerPolytechnic Institute'sresearch, the LED lighting is expected within the next 10 years to save $1.8 million of electricity, and let the coal-fired power plant to reduce burning 1 billion barrels of crude oil, and the elimination of 10 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Lighting is an important source of global energy consumption, force during energy saving light source, and is the eu against climate change policy a ring. The European Union countries would be starting in September 2009, banned the sale of 100 tile traditional light bulb, 2012 cases of disable all wattage traditional light bulb, is the first to sound incandescent lamp lights out the horn region. Research shows that, if only is simply replace the traditional lamp, LED province electric effectiveness is 20 times incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamp five times, be regarded as greatly save electricity, environmental protection and less pollution of a new generation of lighting technology. In addition to the European Union, Canada plan in 2012 years ago banned incandescent lamp, the United States set up 2014 years ago banned the sale. Asian region including Japan, Taiwan will also be in 2012 years ago JinChan comprehensive. A few days ago, China also declare start phasing out incandescent lamp, to speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps action plan, in 10 years is expected to disable the RiChi bulb.

LED inside said, can replace incandescent bulb light source has a lot of, including CFL, LED lighting light source, OLED lighting light source, etc. As countries have to stop production, disable, incandescent bulb, other alternative lighting popularity will gradually improve, and according to the light source attributes and characteristics in different areas have advantage. LED light source is regarded as the new century, the white LED light source is the most efficient luminous source, is also the most environmental protection illuminant, Energy saving policy will play the white light LED industry important hand slap, replace other light source can be expected soon, as for the popularization of the main key factors in price. After the eu, Canada, the United States and Australia and other countries will be in 2012 comprehensive selection incandescent bulb, Taiwan's ministry of economic affairs bureau of energy to promote comprehensive four years to save the electric light bulb, eliminated consumption energy more incandescent bulb. At present, Taiwan a year using incandescent bulb about 22 million star, mainly used in home lighting, the traditional market, flower farms, hotel hotel industry. By the end of 2009, prepare to comprehensive replacing the public unit and the public market for the incandescent light bulb, in addition to the public sector forced replacing outside, by the year 2012, the general enterprise and people do advocate and counselling work.

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