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About Ambrite


AmBrite  Optoelectronics(kunshan) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "AmBrite")  system  us  high  technology  and  new  technology  enterprise , AmBrite aims  to  be  the  first-class  enterprise  lighting  experts , become a respected green lighting enterprise. .

AmBrite has more than 30 years semiconductor product R&D and manufacturing technology; For nearly 10 years, and has been focused on semiconductor lighting field, is a professional, powerful lighting products manufacturers and lighting products of total solution provider,

AmBrite's core business is facing the city, the enterprise system, as well as overseas market customers, provide LED lighting products, design and energy saving service.

For many years experience with international top brands OEM/ODM cooperation, in recent years, the company is to create an international first-class brand as the goal, to the reliable, efficient and innovative concept planning, design, product development, cooperate with domestic and international numerous important enterprise, road, building lighting implementation, as the domestic LED lighting field brand enterprise, AmBrite photoelectric with reliable quality and efficient comfortable lighting application design, for the city of different application space create comfortable, full of creativity and energy conservation and environmental protection lighting environment, wide to receive customer trust and praise.

AmBrite has a strong product development and supply ability, engineering project for distributors to provide excellent cost-effective products.

AmBrite in the United States, kunshan, the Philippines has the international advanced industrial base, in the factory the has perfect r&d, manufacturing, testing facilities and service system. AmBrite photoelectric has accumulated many years of technical strength and experience, the integration of industry in the senior product development design and technical services team, continuous innovation, vigorously investment product research and development, design and manufacture for the product to keep high efficiency laid a solid foundation.

Efficient control light design, highly resistant to wait of surface treatment technology and reliable is easy to use, LED lighting network control system, for many occasions installation control mode and so on many innovative technology results, as well as powerful industrial design ability, make AmBrite has the ability in a variety of industry applications to provide overall lighting product solutions.

Take the customer satisfaction as the guidance service mode, professional, efficient performance to the customer pledge. From the early stages of the project design mix, construction guidance, to the later follow up maintenance, a full range of service and on time delivery logistics system with the owner, design, construction units, high quality to complete lighting plan implementation, powerful guarantee project lighting effect.

Our excellent customer sevice team are always at service and will take good care of you.

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