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The advantages of white light LED

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More energy saving: compared with the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, LED energy-saving as high as 80% above.

Long life: LED lamp life up to 100000 hours, is a traditional lighting lamps and lanterns life of more than 10 times.

Environmental friendly: almost all green lighting, dry silver or copper, favorable environmental protection.

Cold light source, LED lamp won't generate heat accumulation.

Authoritative survey proof, reduce energy consumption can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Chinese government carried out "energy saving emission reduction" plan more help to improve the economic benefit and promote sustainable development.

If our country a third lighting applications LED lighting, every year can save power 100 billion degrees, more than one of the three gorges hydropower station capacity (80 billion degrees).

If a city street lamp lighting all adopt the LED lighting, its temperature can reduce 2 degrees.

Each save kilowatt-hour, is equivalent to save 0.4 kilograms of standard coal and 4 litres water purification, and at the same time reduce the 0.272 kg carbon dust, 0.997 kg of carbon dioxide and 0.03 kg sulfur dioxide emissions.

Each save kilowatt-hour, can increase 7 yuan GDP contribution.

Every install 1 kw solar energy, in the 25 years of life, can reduce emissions include: 22275.00 KG of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide 56.25 KG, sulfur dioxide 180.00 KG.

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